Why do I need a demo video?

Your business is unique, and it’s easier to prove that to your customers face to face, but how about when they are on your website? While we are designing your website, our marketing team will study your business and write an engaging script to produce an appealing video for your homepage which you can also use for advertising purposes. Visitors tend to watch a video over reading large amounts of text. Also, Google ranks websites that have a video on their homepage higher than those that do not.

There are 3 main styles for video animation:

2D animation: These days, 2D animation is very popular, among other styles of video. This is because it’s more engaging, has no limitation, and more importantly is quick to produce. Therefore, this option is less expensive than 3D and live action videos.

2.5D animation: 3D videos may be more professional, but they require having a team of designers and modellers, which means a high budget. In order to find a happy medium, we use 3D elements in a 2D video to make it stand out more. We call them 2.5D style.

3D animation: 3D videos are the most engaging style of animation. Many successful film makers and video advertisers use 3D over any other style. 3D techniques make your video stand out from others. However, this also means it requires having a large budget.

Video process

1) Script writing:

  • Study the App – from start to finish, we want to make sure we are representing you to the best of our abilities

  • Scripts typically begin with a problem that the consumer has (Not enough time to look up restaurant reviews, too busy to shop at a mall, unorganized files etc.)

  • Provide a “what if?” solution question to which your product will be the answer

  • Introduce consumer to your product (app or website)

  • Explain how it works to solve the original problem with a step-by-step break down

2) Voice over

  • Depending on the script and client preferences, we carefully select our voice actors (male/female, tone, accent, etc.)

  • We audition over 100 actors and send you the top 5-7 to choose from

3) Storyboarding:

  • The video is designed scene-by-scene with characters, a storyline, and appropriate animations.

  • We then send you the full story board so you can see how the video is going to look like before it goes through animation.

4) Animation:

  • After the storyboard is approved, we design all the approved elements needed (character’s, storyline, logo involvement etc.)

  • Once we have the design and story board approved, we begin the animation process and make the video.

6) Sound:

  • We test a variety of samples before choosing the right music to set the tone and add sound effects where they are needed

7) Publish:

  • We deliver the file to you in QuickTime format for online use or any other specific form that you might need.

  • If requested we upload it online to your Vimeo or YouTube channel.

8) Video marketing(Optional):

  • We market the video online and show it to your potential customers only for maximum exposure to your target audiences