Internet Marketing Vancouver

Keyword search:

We will do a massive search on your keywords to  ensure the success of your PPC campaign and avoid wasting your budget on keywords that are not relevant to you. Our keyword experts look deep into your business to find the words and phrases that people use when they are searching for your products and services.


We, Pay Per Click Management Vancouver, setting up your adwords account is a very important step. We might need to create multiple campaigns with different budgets and target market, so having an organized and well structured adwords account is a must.

Drive in quality traffic:

We should choose your criteria carefully to produce as much traffic as possible and at the same time limit our targets to avoid irrelevant traffic. The goal is to drive qualified visitors that are most likely going to do business with you, not just bring in visitors to your site, because we are paying for every single click.


We are constantly testing different taglines with your ad.  This way, we will analyse which tagline is producing us the most result, so we can put our focus on the one that works best.

Collecting customer information:

Just driving visitors to the site and asking them to contact you whenever they want is not good enough. By creating engaging content and landing pages we can collect your prospect information so you can later contact them or send them your newsletter and secret promotions.

Analytics and Reports:

We will link your adwords account to your analytics account. By doing that, we will give you access to your data, so you can review your data at all time, see how your budget is being spent and analyze the success of your campaign.

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